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October 25, 2005


Posted in: Sports

Gungan king Boss Nass NBA king David Stern

From the instant I saw NBA Comissioner David Stern’s big head plastered across ESPN.com, I couldn’t stop thinking “frog.” There’s just something about his wide mouth, broad lips, and bugged out eyes that sets the amphibian neuron firing. Can’t you see him thoughtlessly croaking and sucking down a stray fly or two? Plus, frogs are slimy and the slime has gotten a bit thick in the comissioner’s chair of late, too.

So, who better to compare the annoying king of the NBA to than annoying king frogman Boss Nass, buddy of the much (un)loved Jar Jar Binks. They look alike and they both blow. While it’s tough to say if the Stern’s new pro ball dress code is right or wrong, his timing couldn’t have been more obnoxious. When everyone should be focusing on the game at the start of a promising new season, instead we’re all talking about who? Yep, all eyes are on attention-monger Dave Stern. And you can bet he’s back at his pad laughing like a Gungan.

images grabbed from espn, bosspics, and starwars.com

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