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March 27, 2007

Street Candy, Media Mocked, Designer Words

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Street art sexy comes by way of Ghostboy’s Bristol stencils, calling out the walking contradiction known as the home of the free. Deuce Seven looks on as you wander across the Williamsburg Bridge. Super storefront sticker placement changes the meaning of a most generic display. And Good magazine offers up a lovely video summary of the final days of graffiti haven 11 Spring Street.

Demitri Martin delivers a hilarious mockery of the showdown between media giant Viacom and YouTube giant Google. Regular Threadless contributor Ole Ivar Rudi proved that Michael Knight will never die with the completely brilliant Knight Ride. And I can’t quite decide if I love or just kinda like Landjugend’s video trip to hyphen happy web 2.0 corporate mashup heaven. It’s totally rebelling against something, but not really sure quite what. Still, it does manage to serve up a torrent of visuals to match the supercollage sound that’s the hallmark of the fabulous music sampler it promotes. Admirable.

Cleverly designed words got my former colleague Vinnie Lauria honors for best business card at SxSW. Avaaz uses words in motion to show us the real source of the clash of civilizations. But my favorite bit of the week has to be animal-shaped words out of the Netherlands that ask us to think about what happens when animals become extinct and only words remain.

Update: Houtlust posted two new videos from the only words campaign.

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