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May 15, 2007

Colors to Reality

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Regular readers know we love clever colors and social activism. You’ll find a mix of both in this week’s five…

Uniqlo Explorer makes big images out of pixelated products to give a giddily random take on catalog navigation. The transitions rock. (via Veer)

Under the River – Jake braves oncoming trains to find out what lies beneath Riverside Park and finds the history of graffiti lit like a gallery: “skylight grates every twenty or thirty feet create sun-lit exhibition spots.”

Calcutta Dream
– Akshay captures a crumbling, vibrant worker’s cooperative turned coffee house in India. Richly beautiful.

Remains of Chernobyl – thought provoking Red Cross ads put everyday activities in an extraordinary locale. Shot in the shadow of the reactor.

Iraq on a Napkin – a fictional but heartfelt account of life as an Iraqi living in the occupation, courtesy of Esquire’s fabulous Napkin Fiction Project.

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