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May 30, 2007

Borders and Beauty

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This week found us obsessed with borders — between countries, past and present, night and day. Contrast can be beautiful. And scary!

Border Film Project – Photos taken by migrants and minutemen as they face off on the Mexico-US border. Beautiful, heartbreaking stuff. Reminds of the touching amateur photos showcased in Born into Brothels.

Manhattan Built on British Ruins – FDR drive is built on rubble from British buildings destroyed in World War II. When you travel the FDR, you’re “passing over fragments of British cathedrals and London housing stock, flagstones quarried from Yorkshire, the shattered doorframes and lintels…of whole towns.”

Old Media Gets New Games – Storied and stuffy New York Times editorial page takes the shockingly new media step of incorporating games as serious news content.

Earth Rotation Alteration – Earth’s rotation and axis have changed due to man-made structures like dams and reservoirs. Disturbing!

Chinese Midnight – Chinatown storefront glows at night in this lovely photo by Keith Kin Yan.

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