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July 04, 2007

Design Dreams and Nightmares

Posted in: Art/Design,Linked

Good design is a beautiful thing — it can make you smile, cry, and, most importantly, think. This week had us drooling over new goodies and reflecting on old favorites.

Broadcast Transmission – Stunning images abound in this emotional rollercoaster of a design reel from Rob Chiu. Glitched out gorgeous.

Race and Blade Runner – At 25, Blade Runner is looking as fresh and relevant as ever, particularly as a commentary on race, power, and “the other.” Always begging the question: What kind of future are we designing?

Design and Happiness – Some designs just expresses happiness, while others actually makes you happy. Entertaining, deeply personal discussion of design and life from Stefan Sagmeister.

Woodgrain Next Level – Wooden creatures this fantastically creative could only come from one place: Japan!

Drawn By Light – Dreamlike tales told through the most ephemeral medium: light. Wooster collects some particularly lovely lightwriting from three talented artists. And don’t miss their notes on Lichtfaktor and the new Sprint ads.

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