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September 18, 2007

Words and Wordless on City Streets

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Psychic Vacuum

Psychic Vacuum – Mike Nelson’s new installation in Essex Street market is a beautiful expression of the haunting environs an urban explorer might encounter on entering a long abandoned space — a modern Pompeii (more at Bluejake, Gothamist, NYT)

Save The Words – video from the future cleverly examines the loss of written language

Folder-shaped Folder – metaphor amusingly fleshed out with this USB drive shaped just like the files it carries

Open Secret – graffiti just outside Cape Town puts intimate thoughts in plain sight

Lady Cab Driver – cabbie and blogger Melissa Plaut takes us inside what it means to be a female hack in New York City

Cornered at the Bend – love this unexpectedly powerful shot from the streets of Mumbai

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