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October 05, 2007

Africa, India, Far East Photos Tell Stories

Posted in: Linked,Photography

This week we were overwhelmed by inspiring photos and video from around the world, and each one tells a story that made us want to learn more.

Hell From Heaven – stunning colors in this photo amidst the chaos of the Nigerian pipeline disaster

Twilight Zone – night glows in these luminous photos of Tokyo taken from an emergency staircase. Also love these in-the-trenches night photos of the streets of Tokyo and Osaka by the same photographer

Max Density – culture and technology overlap in an amazing train meets market video out of Bangkok

Real Toy Story – heartfelt portraits from the heart of China’s toy central: Guangdong province. See also Mike Wolf’s shots of Chinese-made toys alongside their makers

Colorful Crumbling India – lovely multilayered shot of weathered posters on the back streets of Mumbai leaves us with more questions than answers

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