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November 22, 2007

Race and Rockettes

Posted in: Race


Since the first black Rockette in 1987, it seems little has changed — a special commentary by guest contributor Judy Scales-Trent:

As a professor of employment discrimination law, when I see a picture of a group of workers I automatically start thinking about statistics and probability. So when I saw the photo of nineteen Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, I noticed that there were no brown or black faces. And I wondered how likely it was that, in New York City, the selection of only dancers with white skin was random.

Perhaps noting this strange phenomenon, the author of the article stated that “…Uniform anonymity is a laudatory achievement on the Rockette line.”

Well, perhaps artistic “uniformity” is the reason that the employer selected only dancers with white skin. But here’s an idea. Next year, since the employer obviously isn’t concerned about violating state and federal employment discrimination law, why not meet the goal of artistic “uniformity” by creating a Rockette line of only dancers with brown and black skin.

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