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February 05, 2008

The Obama Upset

Posted in: Politics

It’s been a season of upsets. First we were stunned to see massive favorite Roger Federer fully dismantled by Novak Djokovich (who?) in the Aussie Open. Then the “unbeatable” Patriots lose to an unlikely Giants team in a thriller of a Super Bowl. And this Tuesday, Barack might just upset Hillary and get a whole lot closer to being president. Or not.

When it comes down to it, there seems to be little more than a hair’s difference between the two on policy. Sure, we might trust Hillary more on health care because of her work as first lady, and she’s certainly amassed an impressive amount of Hill savvy over the years, but it also gives her that “part of the problem” establishment glow.

If Clinton’s got the inside angle, Obama has claimed the grassroots. It’s telling that nearly every New York subway station features a legion of superyoung Obama supporters spreading his message. (Clinton’s are nowhere in sight?) And the past week saw the one-two punch of artists like Will Adams and Shepard Fairey putting people in the streets. But where’s the experience?

I’ve been on the fence forever. Where Obama truly inspires, it’s Clinton who’s shown she can execute; and diversity wins either way. Lately, though, I’ve come to think we need to dream again. In this age of intensely uninspiring government, we need someone who can make us believe in the executive once more — and remind us of the bigger things. If the past is any guide, that person sure looks like Barack Obama. Let’s hope, then, for yet another upset today.

We previously wrote about Obama in The Last Black Senator and Holidays in Cambodia.

Update: Hey, split down the middle is good, too. :-)

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