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April 03, 2008

Lust Design

Posted in: Art/Design,Linked


This week had us infatuated with design transformation: building up, tearing down — but always emerging with something wicked.

Building Lust – NYT has a great behind the scenes look at the making of Bjork’s stunning new video Wanderlust

Living Bridges – transformative bridges that do far more than transport people; they become a destination

Design Gets Minted – comparing the beautiful new British coins to the horrid design-by-committee US five dollar bill

Murakami Retro – the Brooklyn Museum launches what looks to be a fabulous retrospective on the father of Superflat, Takashi Murakami

Where Billboards Went Рsuper clever repurposing of trashed Ṣo Paulo billboards after the public advertising ban

Jamming Apparel – appropriately raunchy mockeries of American Apparel keep popping up all over NYC

image via pitchfork

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