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June 02, 2008

My Perfect Day

Posted in: NYC

Asian American pop culture mag Giant Robot has a fab regular feature called My Perfect Day, where a so-and-so (sometimes well known, sometimes not) gives a recounting of a recent smile-packed 24 hours. Here’s mine:

10:01 Wake up in the Upper West Side. Holy shit, is that clock right? Scramble for the shower, then the door. Gotta be in the Village by 11.

10:34 Enter the 103rd St. subway on Broadway and a train pulls up. This is fortuitous. Local-express-local with perfect transfers down to Christopher. Clearly divine intervention.

11:04 Petite Abeille for brunch with friends. I love those get-to-know-your-neighbor cramped space cafes. Mmmm… Belgian waffles. Mmmm…ham and gruyère omelette. Gotta walk through the kitchen for the bathroom? Call that extra food quality insurance.

1:12 Walk in the Village, through the tree lined streets and cobblestone pathways. 80 degrees and just overcast enough to make it gorgeous. Wonder aloud if there’s a more beautiful neighborhood on Earth. Curse those living here under my breath. Troll flea markets. Find a Chuck Mingus test pressing and Quatar Airlines business card holder — score!

2:00 Lunch at Gray’s Papaya. Fried fish sandwich (sacrilege!) and french fries. Fried and fried = double plus.

2:25 Catch A Jihad for Love at the IFC Center — a film about being gay and Muslim. Courageous, beautiful stuff. Walk into theater on a whim, walk out of theater inspired.

3:50 Kenny Graham’s West 4th Street Basketball Tournament at The Cage. Seriously wicked skills on display. But the best fun is mocking the goofs with the peanut gallery and haranguing officials, who jaw almost as much as the players do.

5:10 Walk into the Christopher St. subway station, and a train pulls up. (See a pattern here?) Head back uptown. Read Out of Poverty on the trip, a stunning new approach to empowering poor people.

6:00 Cleanse the apartment of bachelor debauchery — where most of the debauchery involved working all Friday night and Saturday. The place is piled high with takeout containers and books. (Okay, this wasn’t so perfect.)

8:10 Get out the bike and hit Central Park. I love night biking. It’s still light enough to see folks camped out in the Sheep Meadow for dinner. Second time around, the meadow fades into darkness, save for the click-clack of horse drawn carriages and the disembodied giggles of young couples. Lovely.

9:30 Back from the park and my wife is home from her business trip. We eat cheese and sip wine. We eat Thai and watch BSG. We marvel at how much better episodes are when there’s no Baltar to overact them into oblivion.

11:55 Boy Friends. Nightcap it with a little half stupid/half genius from Team Genius. Favorite lyric: “Sometimes life is impossible / Like that one level / With the thorns and shit.” But life ain’t impossible, it’s awesome! At least Sunday was. The thorns are another story, though.

So that’s the perfect day. And it just happened by accident. Considering the hellish 70 hour workweeks I’ve been turning in for the past month, maybe it’s cosmic payback.

Make sure to visit Giant Robot and their tiny-awesome NYC art space/store. Thanks to them for the inspiration.

top image via xpressbus, middle via my phonecam, bottom via team genius

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