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Subversive Clouds & Other Dangerous Dreams

Thunderclouds Over a Flower
California Ice Age

Storm Clouds – microscopiq favorite Jeff Soto just opened his new show in Chelsea and it’s a good deal more political than what he’s done before. Fascinating stuff. See also an inspired homage to Soto by the equally awesome Three Legged Legs

Kenya’s Bus Stop Cartoonist – Nairobi residents lucky enough to travel by a very particular bus stop are treated to a new political cartoon, hand drawn daily

Iwai Imagines – musical innovator Toshio Iwai (creator of Electroplankton and SimTunes) demonstrates his latest psychedelic musical instrument, to be produced by Yamaha

Botswana Goes Hollywood – all sorts of characters come out the first time an international movie is shot in Botswana

Big Rig Jig – visually stunning and Burning Man go hand in hand, but this sculpture is something special (via Centripetal Notion)

Musical Type – mixed reality music video by way of Uruguay cleverly interleaves type and real footage to tell its story. More typographical music videos at

Unexpected Art

Wanna make us smile? Give us art where we least expect it; small stuff that goes against expectation. And the past week gave us just that.

Religion Inside Out – artists turn Osama into Jesus and put a burqa on the Virgin Mary

Blue Dubya – a thoughtful portrait of Bush, until you realize it’s made of porno magazines

Classical Member – an alleyway isn’t an alleyway without crude drawings of genitalia. Banksy turns them into high art

Model Villages – small goes smaller with these fabulous models of European villages and more

Temple Drops Jaws – conservative south becomes home to the biggest Hindu temple in North America

Stunningbird – tiny bird goes huge in a stunning photo by Jeff Kouri

High Tech Differences Worldwide

The meaning of high tech changes depending on where you are in the world. This week, we were fascinated by cases of technology working (and not) all over.

Cross Cultural No – hysterical breakneck trip around the world shows us the definition of “beatdown” in many tongues

Top Sustainable Tech – Africa is home to all kinds of intriguing new sustainable technologies; many born out of necessity. Also, see new work applying web 2.0 ideas in Africa

Iraq Unwired – not too much high tech going on without power and Iraq’s power grid is increasingly at the mercy of armed militias

Imagined Image – completely wicked Israeli image resizing technique chops out or adds new bits in just the right places (hires here)

Photo With Flash – stateside gurus develop a clever new approach to flash photography

Beauty, Race, Resistence

We love multicultural views and this week found us seeing the world in different shades of skin and different income brackets.

Kabul Fashion – gorgeous clothes light up a crumbling Afghan neighborhood

Hutongs Vanish – beautiful backstreet neighborhoods in Beijing are being bulldozed, poorer inhabitants sent packing

Whitewash – wrestling with using rich white Westerners to tell the stories of poor black Africans

Deliverymen’s Uprising – low pay, abusive employers, awful conditions, not anymore. Chinese and Mexican deliverymen draw a line in the sand.

When She Was White – a “black-looking” child born to white parents in South Africa is disowned, finds an empowering new life

Hardship and Laughter

Stuff we found inspiring this week was at the intersection of beautiful, difficult, and funny. Not always at the same time…

Window to Kylemore – gorgeous lo-fi photos reveal the soul of a South African village just outside Stellenbosch (particularly this one)

Big Dog Catapult – hysterical tv spot shows what happens when 30 foot dog and pool party collide (and don’t miss a different kind of water play in the equally fabulous Whoo Alright)

Lyrically Challenged – there’s a special kind of genius in youtube music video reinterpretations

Ski Shrine – beautifully meditative shots from a shrine to skiers lost

Speaking of Race – anyone who’s been paying attention to this site lately knows why this quote hits home (taken from the Boston Globe)

Typo Graphic

This week we saw inspired typography at play where we least expected it: blood, sky, speeches. Plus, a touch of Brooklyn eye candy for good measure.

Written in Blood – simply gorgeous motion work matches words and music with surprisingly lovely water-bound blood. Done for Konzerthaus Dortmund.

Urban Lettered – photos find a whole alphabet in the blue sky between buildings. Gotta love negative space.

Speaking of al Qaeda – Bush speech with everything but 9/11, Iraq, al Qaeda, and the like blacked out. Proximity alert?

City Type – cleverly used text as data in a new exhibit that compares size, speed, form, density and diversity among 10 major cities worldwide

Brooklyn Single Shot – wicked body language in this uncut on-crutches video for RJD2’s Work It Out. And don’t miss his different but equally arresting 1976 video from a few years back.

How China Works: Life in 24/7 Factories

Where do all the hot new electronic gadgets really come from? Who builds them? What is it like to work in China’s new engine: the 24/7 factory? Last week, we wished aloud for more in-depth stories about the people in the trenches driving China’s new revolution. Since then, some fabulous links have turned up. Here are a few…

Shenzhen Seen – richly colorful photos show us the face, pain, and beauty of life in and around Shenzhen’s factory towns

Life of a Gold Farmer – video from the front lines of low wage work in the world’s top online games

21st Century Carrier Pigeon – following a day’s work for “Mr. Wang” as he plays a fascinating role in global supply chain

Blogging Factory – the skill, the food, the environment, the scale — Andy Huang’s blog gets up close and personal with video, photos, and discussion straight from the assembly line

China Blue – important, touching, haunting documentary gets behind the propaganda and into “camera free zones” to show us how things run when the inspectors go home (show website)

Best reaction: “Wow – that is intense. I am sitting here looking at everything digital in my room, and realizing the most of it probably came from factories like these.” Couldn’t say it better.

image by bob croslin; with thanks to mefi

Freaky Clever Art

This week found us inspired by a little strange and a lot of clever…

Terrorsel – Carousel gone haywire and many more strangely beautiful prints from Joy Ang. Don’t miss her Cubic Chinese Zodiac. (via Fabulist)

Life on the Moon – Gorgeously animated fairy tale of a music video by Yannick. “A father speaks to his son. He explains how was his life on the moon. […] A place for imagination, a place in which you’ll find the entrance only if you open your mind.” (via Drawn)

Girls Girls Girls – Thoughtful activist ad shines neon spotlights on human trafficking (more: one, two)

Creepy Candy – Subtle Twilight Zone freakiness makes this Halloween Snickers ad a new classic

Human Tetris – It’s not quite Sasuke, but Japanese body puzzle game shows are a special kind of genius

Train Takes Flight – Long exposure subway shot from Joe gives us beautiful angular light, and a serious sense of speed

Vision and Innervision

We’re forever fascinated by the the interplay of inspiration in the world and inspiration from within. This week’s links have a mix of both.

What Does the Color Green Look Like? – Powerful short film celebrates the majesty of vision and reflects on the hardship of blindness, all in the same instant — during the Indian festival of colors. More on vision in the developing world at Game Changing Technology. (via Houtlust)

Life in Floods – Surreal rickshaw scene brought on by unusually heavy downpours before monsoon season in Calcutta. And Time captured an equally amazing shot as life goes on in a flooded Mumbai home.

Rethinking Landscapes – Formal and informal urban design play off each other in this fantastic Mexico City motion graphics video.

Home Inversion – House turned inside out in Houston a few months before demolition. Best comment yet: “I think the owner divided by zero.” (via Design Verb)

Ratatouille Synaesthetic – Who knew rats had synaesthesia? Taste goes visual in Pixar’s newest baby and animator Michael Gagné is kind enough to explain (and show!) how he did it. (via Drawn)

Design Dreams and Nightmares

Good design is a beautiful thing — it can make you smile, cry, and, most importantly, think. This week had us drooling over new goodies and reflecting on old favorites.

Broadcast Transmission – Stunning images abound in this emotional rollercoaster of a design reel from Rob Chiu. Glitched out gorgeous.

Race and Blade Runner – At 25, Blade Runner is looking as fresh and relevant as ever, particularly as a commentary on race, power, and “the other.” Always begging the question: What kind of future are we designing?

Design and Happiness – Some designs just expresses happiness, while others actually makes you happy. Entertaining, deeply personal discussion of design and life from Stefan Sagmeister.

Woodgrain Next Level – Wooden creatures this fantastically creative could only come from one place: Japan!

Drawn By Light – Dreamlike tales told through the most ephemeral medium: light. Wooster collects some particularly lovely lightwriting from three talented artists. And don’t miss their notes on Lichtfaktor and the new Sprint ads.

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